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Explorer Eagle has disappeared. His friends are really worried. But when they find him, Explorer Eagle isn't exactly in good shape. He has been bitten by a.
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It was to avoid a certain level of sameness. We wanted variety. He was great at giving each person some kind of distinct movement. That was fun getting to come up with those characters and working with my costume designer to find appropriate vibes. I wanted to be a zombie at one point, but I realized there was never an opportunity to sit in the chair long enough to do that. It was literally an impossibility. Perhaps to tone it down to PG for a bigger reach?

This was unusual in that when I came on and got involved, because there was a script, that script was PG My gut reaction was this is wrong. I felt if I was going to see this, as a fan of the genre, I want the goods. I wanna see gore and inappropriate stuff.

zany zombie it really bites Manual

I was lucky and grateful the studio supported that. I just felt like you risk alienating both audiences which is your worst nightmare. At least this way I knew that I could get the genre fans there.

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How do you do it? That was important to me and keeping that in tact. In terms of all the other stuff, it was coming up with the fun, unique, inventive ways to apply the scouting skills in certain dangerous situations. That was the challenge and the fun for me. Not at all. I had to learn it, which was fun for me. Also getting to work on designing badges and help create the uniforms for them.

I definitely chose their badges for them but there was a ranking that was there as well. Carter, for example, had the lowest ranking.

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Whereas Augie is covered in badges. That was just a function of character and story. She was so ready. She meant it. She was committed. She had no fear.

‘Life After Beth’ zany zombie film

Here's a look at some of the notable entries. This faux documentary takes place in a world in which zombies who can talk, think and otherwise act "normal," apart from the whole eating humans thing coexist with the living--but as second-class citizens striving to find their place. It delivers not only dry humor but biting social commentary not usually found in your average zom com. Fairly entertaining Hong Kong flick about a couple of big-mouthed, small-minded mall workers who accidentally unleash a chemical weapon that turns people in the mall into zombies--the film resembles a low-rent Dawn of the Dead.

Good gore and production values mark this otherwise not terribly funny Irish yes, Irish! However, dating a zombie proves to be difficult, as "necking" takes on a whole new meaning. In this Czechoslovakian film, a group of people gathers on a retreat in an isolated cabin to discuss the meaning of life. They end up truly understanding how much life is worth when they're surrounded by an army of zombie woodsmen who wear funny hats and like the taste of human flesh. The film is talky and full of silly slapsticky action, with zombies dancing and practicing kung fu.

In this smartly written, gay-themed spoof full of strong performances, a group of friends gathers for a birthday party that's interrupted by zombies--gay zombies! It seems they've been spawned from the "West End Virus" spread at a local rest stop frequented by, um, happy folk. A group of friends on their way to a wedding stop off at a bed and breakfast and, as punk kids are apt to do, accidentally unleash evil spirits that turn the town's population into zombies.

Although the film features a strong cast--including Portia de Rossi and Jeremy Sisto--its humor which includes ongoing musical narration is too self-consciously clever to fully work. One of the best zombie comedies to date, this "rom zom com" romantic zombie comedy finds a high school loser on a mission to win back his girlfriend while simultaneously saving the school from a zombie invasion, courtesy of the nearby nuclear power plant.

Zany humor, including a zombie baby and kung fu priest, and over-the-top gore make up this classic early effort from New Zealand's Peter Jackson, later of Lord of the Rings fame. This '80s guilty pleasure features a mad scientist creating zombies to commit robberies in Los Angeles. When an LAPD officer is killed trying to arrest the crooks, he returns as a zombie to track down the suspects--hopefully before he decomposes or before Joe Piscopo has time to deliver another one-liner.

Woefully cheap and unfunny story about rental car agents who lead a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse--otherwise, they run around doing nothing much. Its only claim to fame is its climactic "world's largest zombie scene". Incidentally, there's no moon in the movie, as inexplicably, no scenes take place at night.

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  5. This is an outrageously fun Norwegian fare about a group of friends at a ski lodge who find themselves the targets of vengeful Nazi zombies. Clerks meets Night of the Living Dead , with an even lower budget and worse acting than either. Still, this tale of a high school boy whose party to woo the girl of his dreams is ruined by a zombie invasion is smarter and more fun than most micro-budget genre fare.

    This clever satire of '50s suburbia incorporates zombies as domesticated servants in otherwise idyllic surroundings. Nothing bad can come of that, right? It's good ol' boys versus zombies in this inconsistent but engaging low-budget film about an alien invasion that leads to a zombie uprising in a small Southern town. A teen is killed protecting the girl he loves before he has a chance to tell her how he feels. But death apparently is easy to overcome if you just want it bad enough, as the boy returns to woo his love while trying to curb his growing desire to feed. Eighties awesomeness in which alien brain slugs yeah, you heard me reanimate the corpses of victims of a fraternity bus crash, and only an LGOC little geek on campus can stop them--with the help of a burned-out cop the hilarious Tom Atkins.

    Like a German version of American Pie with zombies, this low-brow, sex-obsessed flick revolves around three high school geeks who die and are revived by voodoo-practicing goth kids. Being dead isn't so bad, they find, when their social status actually improves post-mortem.