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I personally think i have spotted one of these spiders in my bathroom but im also not a spider expert but it was large in size about the size of a quarter, brown skinny, and long thin legs, and ran very fast. For some reason, I cannot get myself to kill a spider ever. I just catch it and let it go outside if it bothers me that much.

I say this only because I was up at like 5 in the morning and I was barefoot. I was sitting on my bed and I looked down to see a brown lump.

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It was a spider, and when I put my glasses on, it was a lot bigger than I thought. It scared me. But, I did slide a cardboard underneath and took it outside. So yeah, thank you for helping people like me try to understand these creatures a bit better! They are very misunderstood! Thanks, Annabelle, for the comment. I agree — I think by understanding spiders to a deeper level, it is possible to learn not to fear them as much.

Alabama boy dies just hours after being bitten by poisonous brown recluse spider

Great that you took that spider outside! Well done. Pingback: Reflections: how social media has changed my life Arthropod Ecology. Nice post. Extremely useful info especially the last part I care for such info much. I was looking for this specific information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck. Continue publishing and I am going to keep reading! Thanks for the post ,Mildred. My brother has told me that he has a spider friend. Supposedly when he plays his computer game the same spider comes close and watches him. Is there any possibility that spiders befriend humans?

I do hope this post continues to provide valuable information for people. Pingback: Where are all the Arachnologists? Geepers…thanks to everyone for the posts, quite interesting reading. There is a little creek bed like ditch about 35 feet behind my house with all the usual country trimmings seperating me from the neighbors 5 acre property on the other side. Next door a half rick of firewood sits on the ground. Several trees all around, with lots of leaves on the ground. Perfect for spiders, and just about anything else including snakes that live in the country in southern Texas.

There must be at least 4 billion different specie of spiders living in my garage and all around the house. Some friendly…some come with a nasty bite. There is a Recluse stuck on a glue board in a video on utube and the guy is poking at it with what appears to be a pencil. Naturally the spider tries to bite the pencil more than once as the guy was trying to show the fangs on the little critter. The fangs look pretty long and I thought may be able to puncture through nitrile exam gloves.

I could use box handling gloves like they use for FedEx or UPS though they are a lot harder to sort papers and go through boxes of junk with. How long can the fangs get on a Brown Recluse or a Black Widow? Long enough to go through nitrile exam gloves? The exam gloves are not very thick but thicker than the light weight latex or food handling gloves.

In case it included even more photos this would definitely be possibly even even better. All the best ,Diego.

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Hello: i am scared to death of spiders…so thanks so much for this article! It really helps me out! I did not realize there fangs were so weak! Seriously i am still extremely fearful but thanks for this! I am truly delighted that people are finding this post useful, and is perhaps helping spiders get a better name for themselves! But I was wondering how many species is there of small brown spiders? I have been bitten by various insects and no bite looks like the spider bite.

Pingback: Expiscor 29 March Arthropod Ecology. Hey very nice site!! I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds also? This type of very helpful article. Quite interesting to see this kind of article. I wish to thank you for the endeavours you had made for writing this great write-up. Great reading thank you, I have just come across a rather nasty looking critter whilst watering my seedlings. I guess it startled me more than anything.

50 Recluse Spiders Found in Woman’s Apartment?

I have no idea what it was of course, dark brown with a large fat body and quite short fat hairy legs, carrying an egg sac. I do feel better after reading all the information here, but i would love to have taken more notice of it to identify it. Pingback: Expiscor 6 May Arthropod Ecology. I live in central Missouri where you can find black widows and brown recluse in almost everything.

I am highly scared of these spiders. Especially with my 10 month getting into every nook and crany of my house. Your blog and comments are opening my eyes thank you all. Thanks for your comments! Please spread the word! Recluse spiders are nasty as you can see in these phtoos.

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I had one bite me on one of my legs. I hope the same happens for your Pop but it will take time. I got bit over ten years ago and its taken this long to have the area fill back in so as to not be obvious that it ever happened. Never saw a spider like that beofre Adam. Pretty cool. I have always wanted to visit Key West in fact, your images have led me to plan a trip there next winter , but now I am not so sure ;-oLen Saltiel recently posted..

Their little wimpy fangs conveniently you put up a picture of a tiny frail-looking spider? Have you heard of the massive spiders like the Huntsman or the Goliath?

The Brown Recluse by Ruben Mendoza | Waterstones

The black widow alone is big. Spiders CAN bite, especially if they feel threatened. And venemous spiders can and have killed humans. That is nothing to dismiss or ignore. No one wants that in their homes. Same with wasps although that is better dealt with by professionals. I do however agree that wasps are a far greater problem than spiders. Hello Liz — thanks for the comment. I am not dismissing or ignoring — I am providing some factual information to help ward against unnecessary paranoia about spiders and to provide some antidote against the tremendous amount of misinformation out there about spiders and spider bites.

Of course some species can bite, but I maintain the point that spider bites are exceedingly rare. Reading this made me feel a lot better. Pingback: Expiscor 17 June Arthropod Ecology.

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  • Good article. I live in a basement apartment and have been seeing a lot more spiders this year. I saw two very large ones just today! A spider trying to bite, and being unsuccessful, is not really a bite. I think the confusion is about semantics. Great article! I DO know that there are a number of other spiders that resemble the recluse, but IIRC, the only way to tell for sure is by close examination. After a little while, and many dead flies later, the little fella would eventually stop and we would have to go and find another one.

    Two spiders were usually sufficient to last for a couple of hours, till the sun went down and it was time to go in. I always thought that was the neatest trick.

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    John — thanks so much for your comment!