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At least, that's what filmmakers, songwriters, and pop-culture creators of all kinds hope is the case. Fireworks have become cheap shorthand.
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Over the next few centuries, Saltpetre was experimented by alchemists, and there are Chinese texts dating back to the 9th century which mentions the usage of Saltpetre enclosed in bamboo tube to create loud explosions.

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The Chinese believed that such explosions could keep evil spirits at bay. By 16th century, fireworks had become one of the major sources of entertainment for Indian royalty.

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Grand fireworks during functions especially weddings costing a fortune had become a norm. In , Adil Shah spent a whopping Rs 80, on fireworks alone.

Just to give an idea of the magnitude of the money, consider the case of Bangalore around that timeframe. The city was purchased for Rs 3 lakh by Chikkadevaraya Wodeyar. The exhibit preserved at the Bikaner Museum sheds more light on the same.

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Even before the revolution and civil war had ended, the people had begun to celebrate their unofficial independence, using fireworks on the 4th of July. The Bastille: a fortress and prison in Paris, it was seen as a symbol of tyranny and the rule of the elite Royalists.

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On July 14th in , a mob of around 1, people, fighting against the ruling French monarchy, stormed the prison and seized it — the culmination of building dissent across France. The world-famous Festival of Lights is an autumnal Hindu celebration, celebrated across the planet, from India to Myanmar — to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. In India, Jain and Sikh festivals are celebrated on the same night — and the raucous joy melds together into quite a spectacle of fireworks, music, food and fun!

Lights adorn everything in sight, turning the night into a glowing monument to the prevalence of good over evil. Possibly seen as an oddity to other nations, November the 5th sees the UK commemorate the attempted bombing of the House of Lords in — the infamous Gunpowder Plot. The plot was foiled and the royal target of assassination, the King himself, escaped.

Today, fireworks light the skies over England, with the effigies of public figures favoured for the fire all in good jest of course! December 31st marks the end of the Gregorian calendar year, the most widely used calendar and dating system around the globe.

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